Local Groups

Planned Parenthood Youth Action Council

As a Youth Action Council, we aim to address the problem of the governmental restriction of bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, sexual health services, and comprehensive sexual education. We know that teen activism and reproductive justice visibility is what holds power to change governmental systems surrounding reproductive rights.
58 Members
Amelia C.
Ella K.
58 Members
Devon S.
Ellie S.
1 Other

Generation Action at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is a non-partisan, not-for-profit student organization that advocates for social welfare and legislative issues that impact reproductive health care and education at UH Mānoa. We engage in activities regarding issues on legislative advocacy, voter education campaigns, and political action. We also work to preserve reproductive freedom and justice, and to elect representatives who will do the same. Our mission is to create a personally and politically safe climate in which individuals have universal and unfettered access to sexual and reproductive health services and are free to follow their own beliefs, values, and moral code when making decisions about these services.
56 Members
Emma I.
Olivia C.
2 Others
53 Members
Taylor A.
Abigail S.
2 Others

Somerville, MA Action Council

Our local group is fighting for the freedom to control our own bodies and our futures by building local and national campaigns.
52 Members
Avery D.

Madison Community Action Team

As a member of the Madison Community Action Team (CAT), you will have the opportunity to help direct our robust volunteer program. This means that you'll have input in event planning and strategic decisions, as well as know institutional updates before everyone else. Our CAT meets bi-weekly for one hour on Mondays. Join our page for more details! Email Tess at [email protected] with any questions.
49 Members
Marianne R.

Rochester MN Super Activists

Our Super Activists are the front line defense for reproductive healthcare in Minnesota. We call, knock on doors, write, gather, march, and rally to raise awareness of the issues and activate voters. Our guiding mission is to protect affordable access to healthcare and reproductive rights- in Minnesota and nationally. Join us to take action and secure the future of reproductive rights!
49 Members
Selam M.
4 Others

Erie, PA Action Council

Our local group is fighting for the freedom to control our own bodies and our futures by building local and national campaigns.
48 Members
Cortney B.

Oklahoma City Action Council

Our Oklahoma City metro group is fighting for reproductive justice and freedom by building community power. Join us to start connecting with fellow activists and advocates. Together, we can organize with heart and engage with purpose!
47 Members

Fort Wayne Feminist Action Council

We are a group of individuals working to improve the status of Reproductive Freedom in an equitable way in Northeast Indiana. We are pro-choice, intersectional, and inclusive. We care about: prioritizing the wants and needs of marginalized and underserved communities; mobilizing resources for productive actions; acknowledging that women of color have created the Reproductive Justice framework and we show our solidarity by following their lead.
47 Members
Jessica B.
Nikole S.
1 Other