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The Supreme Court has failed millions of Texans. In the dead of the night, the Supreme Court turned its back on 50 years of precedent, rendering Roe v. Wade effectively meaningless in the state. This is unprecedented and we can’t let it stand.

Right now, abortion is virtually inaccessible for patients across Texas. The vast majority of people in Texas seeking an abortion are being denied care and patients are already being forced to travel to other states, including Illinois, to get the high-quality, compassionate care they need — and deserve.

This Texas law sets a dangerous legal precedent and could clear a path for states to override people’s constitutional rights. If the courts let this bill stand we can expect to see similar bills introduced in states across the country. With nearly 600 restrictions introduced, 2021 is already the worst year for state legislative attacks on abortion since Roe.

This is the loudest alarm yet that abortion rights are in grave danger, in Texas and nationwide. And we, alongside our partners, are fighting back and we won’t back down. We will continue to fight this in the courts and we are taking to the streets.
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Join us in downtown Chicago on Saturday, October 2, when Planned Parenthood and more than 90 other organizations march in all 50 states.
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We must fight city by city, state by state, to ensure that all people can still access the health care they need. We cannot allow the reality of Texas to become the reality of this country.

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